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With unmatched reliability, Metal Roofing is the most durable, cost effective, and attractive mainstream option available to homeowners. However, other alternatives are experiencing increasing costs, while roofing companies in Michigan are rapidly developing cost efficiencies. More and more, people are getting a metal roof installed because of the benefits it offers beyond the other choices. For instance, steel and tin roofing materials are more lightweight, portable, and durable than its competitive counterparts. These attributes provide both installation-related and functionality-based benefits. Furthermore, after being installed, these materials are resistant to the dangers associated with precipitation and are more energy efficient for your home.

Michigan roofing contractors are also pushing forward with a strong environmentally friendly initiative. The other available alternatives are either associated with deforestation or require heavy usage of oil as an input. On the other hand, metal roofs maintain their valuable properties even after being recycled. Therefore, these products decrease production expenses for contractors and decrease price for consumers. Consider metal as potentially the best bang-for-you-buck available in the roofing marketplace today. For estimates or more information contact us at (248) 206-8797 today!

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Dearborn Testimonial

My prior experience with other home improvement companies in the area led me to hire and continually recommend Pro Home Roofing Livonia. I recommend them very highly due to their professonalism and expertise. Great job from beginning to end and they completed project in one day! Everyone agrees that our new roof looks great.

Mary S. Dearborn
Farmington Testimonial

The entire job from tear off through installation was completed in one day! Pro Home Roofing Livonia’s willingness to negotiate the contract and ability to address my all of my concerns ultimately led to me hiring them. Glad I did, the cleanup was more than expected and the roof looks amazing. I wish every renovation went this smoothly!

Kali B. Farmington
Northville Testimonial

I am beyond pleased with the look of my new roof. The sales rep helped me choose a shingle color that complements the stone work on the house and ultimately his suggestion is what we ended up going with. The work was done promptly and professionally and in an efficient manner. Thanks for a job well done.

Beth M. Northville

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